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Are You Having Difficulty Fighting For An Appropriate Education For Your Special Needs Child?

If so then you need the help of a caring and competent legal professional like Tamara Roff


We have helped many clients in situations similar to yours. We can help you through this difficult time and get your special needs child the education they deserve

  • Are you worried whether you can afford to provide the appropriate education for your child?

  • Are you worried about whether the current educators are truly on your child’s side?

  • Are you losing sleep over getting your child what they need to be a productive adult?

  • Are you stressed over the complicated process of special needs tuition reimbursement?

Contact Tamara Roff Today And Get Your Special Needs Child What They Deserve!

With the help of a professional lawyer, you can get your child the education they deserve. Contact Tamara today before it's too late.


You can rest assured that you are doing the best for your child and that you have an advocate that truly cares to guide you along the way.


You won't be alone

With over 20 years in helping special needs individuals in both education and the legal field, Tamara Roff has the experience needed to get your child what they need. Her caring and hands on approach with clients and their children has been recognized by clients and professionals alike.

"I recommend [Tamara] Roff without a moment’s pause or hesitation. She is a true advocate for children." - M.E. NYC

"...we have been blessed that [Tamara] Roff has compassionately guided and represented us in our advocacy for our child" - B.R., Queens

Call us today at
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Call Today For Your Consultation (929) 244-9477

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